OpenCorporates aims to do a straightforward (though big) thing: have a URL for every company in the world. It is the largest open database of companies in the world, and with over 90 million companies in 100+ jurisdictions is the obvious foundation for such a register.OpenCorporates has taken an active role in the campaign for public beneficial ownership registers, and in partnership with the World Bank, maintains the Open Company Data Index, which benchmarks company registers on access to their data. In addition, its pioneering  work on corporate networks and on a proof-of-concept Beneficial Ownership register (WhoControlsIt) give it proven expertise in the anti-corruption and beneficial ownership space.

OpenCorporates’ innovative sustainability model makes the underlying data freely available to all provided the resulting product is also made available under the same Share-Alike Attribution terms. This allows the data to be used by citizens, journalists, investigators and civil society free of cost, but allows a revenue-model for commercial clients who are able to pay for it, including clients such as LinkedIn, Bureau van Dijk, and the US Government.

OpenCorporates’ hybrid public-benefit business model has also made it a beacon for such open data companies, and was earlier this year recognised in this pioneering work with the award of the Best Open Data Business by the Open Data Institute.

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